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Four Considerations When Selecting a Cell Tower Construction Site

Cell tower companies are always in search of suitable lands to construct the cell towers to boost their communication infrastructure. Cell tower companies look into particular factors before entering into agreement with property owner to construct a cell tower on his land. Not all lands that are at highest points are suitable for this undertaking. There are various factors considered when selecting a search ring and they might include population density, topography of the land and various restrictions in the area. If your land is in the search ring, then it has passed the first step and it now proceeds to further evaluation for suitability of the land to the company’s requirements. Below is a discussion of some factors to consider before site selection of cell tower construction site.

Adequate available vacant land – The land should meet the size requirements for the cell tower company. Additionally, the land should have adequate size for the erection of the cell tower. In most cases, the cell tower companies consider 1000 square feet land appropriate. In rare circumstances, the cell tower company might accept a land below 1000 square feet because it has plans to accommodate other tenants in the future.

Construction expenses – The cost of constructing a cell tower might vary depending on the location of the selected site and thus, the company will try to choose a site which has the least expense when erecting the cell tower. Usually the placement of a cell tower is an expensive undertaking and that is why the company is look for economical ways to install it. Construction expenses might be affected by accessibility of the land, property being situated in a flood area, dense tree coverage and other environmental factors.

Site accessibility – After the cell tower construction at a particular site, the cell tower company might want to do routine checks and maintenance of the tower. Therefore, the site should be close to a road so that there is no difficulty in reaching the site. It might call for construction of a road to access the site and that would be an additional expense that the cell tower company would want to avoid.

Site elevation – The highest point on the site might seem to be the best site for cell tower placement but other factors must be considered. The highest point should be within the search ring and it should be easily reachable and it should have low construction cost. If the highest point does not meet the selection criterion then the cell tower company can pick a different point and adjust the height of the tower.

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