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All that you Need to Know about Pacifism for a Christian

Evangelical Christianity tends to be more politically-oriented and oppose the things that are meant for the welfare of the people throughout the world. the evangelical Christians do not believe in helping the need and they try to show that the white race is superior to other races in the world. The evangelical Christians also support the use of the military to areas where there is no peace to restore peace and excessive use of military force Peaceful diplomacy should be tried and can work effectively where there would be no loss of lives that God himself created.

People always say that when you are attacked, you can use force to make sure that you are safe and your property is also protected. This could mean even if it would result to the death of the attacker. They regard this as a way of punishment to the attacker for the crime. the bible says that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God hence you don’t need to end one’s life or view your life as being precious that the life of the others. You can’t compare one’s life to the money that they were stealing.

There is the thought that people who do not solve violence with violence are cowards who let the others mistreat them. All this is not true because the pacifists take caution and protect themselves from any harm using other means that do not result to bloodshed. Because one is a pacifist, it does not mean that one is easy going to everything that is said or commanded.

When we look back to history, we will realize that there are so many people who used pacifism to solve their problems and they achieved greater things than they have by deciding to fight for their rights literally as this company can show . We can have examples from the great men that history has produces such as Mahatma Gandhi of India, Martin Luther King of the US and Jesus Christ too. They were inhumanely treated, abused and mistreated to a point of death but they did not fight or give up and they ended up achieving what they had been looking for.

Because we took our country to our control by use of force and Revolution, we have always tried to solve everything that we face by war or violence. Because of this we think that the use of violence will give us what we need. What we get in the end is not profitable at all. At all costs, we should love each other so that we will reap God’s Kingdom.

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